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Welcome to AMAC Plumbing & Heating

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Welcome to AMAC Plumbing & Heating

AMAC Plumbing and Heating is a trusted Island based Plumbing and Heating contractor proudly serving Prince Edward Island.

As a fully-licensed and insured Plumbing and Heating contractor in PEI, our technians can install or repair any  Plumbing and Heating issue you may have in your residential or commercial property. Whether your project is a new home, renovation or a commercial improvement In PEI, our technicians provide the solution you are looking for. Call  AMAC Plumbing and Heating for everything including new construction, renovations, repairs, troubleshooting, service calls and much more..

AMAC Plumbing and Heating is a dynamic full service Plumbing and Heating Contractor in Prince Edward Island our technicians provide the best solutions for your Plumbing and Heating projects.
Whether the project is a large commercial one or a smaller time sensitive improvement project, our dedication to deliver will remain undeterred and our experience and expertise will ensure best results.


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Residential Amac Plumbing


AMAC Plumbing and Heating provide residential plumbing services for all kinds of houses, apartment buildings, condos and residential properties in PEI. 

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We know there’s a lot that goes into keeping your home cozy. From deciding to replace your boiler to scheduling maintenance or repairs. 

Commercial Amac Plumbing and heating


Our plumbers are well trained in commercial/industrial plumbing services for stores, restaurants, plazas, factories, warehouses, garages and anything else. 

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Drain Cleaning

Efficient drains are essential to the completion of many daily tasks. Bathing, toilet usage, cooking and cleaning all require the use of clean water. 

Amac Plumbing and heating


AMAC Plumbing and Heating provides plumbing services and repair for the hardworking farmers in our community. In agricultural plumbing, every project is a unique

Emergency Services Amac Plumbing and heating

Emergency Services

AMAC Plumbing and Heating have the knowledge and equipment to tackle all types of problems with plumbing. 

If You're In Need Of Professional Plumbing And Heating Services Contact Us For A Free Quote.